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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Nothing to be Nervous About

Thurday I finally told Juan. And he actually took it really well. Friday he texted me to say he found a new tenant to move in on the 27th and just let me know if I ever needed to move back and the room was available I was always welcome. That was really nice of him. That was really a relief. I was so stressed out and worried about him being upset w/ me. And with him finding a tenant so quickly it makes me feel like just another piece of the Jon & Rhianna thing working out in favor of us/signs that this is the right choice for us.

Later Thursday evening I did a few pages in my scrapbook while waiting on J to get home from work. Then we all went to dinner at Texas Borders. After dinner, came home and Bri showed me her scrapbook while J played on the comp for awhile. Then we both crashed w/ the tv and all the lights still on. Oops. I woke up at some point and turned everything off. But I am glad we crashed. J needed an early night. We always seem to stay up too late on the nights I'm there.

As usual Friday I came back to my side of town to drop Chance off and get ready for work. I hate Fridays nights, Saturday days, Sunday nights and all day Mondays. Too much time away. We've gotten into a nice little routine on the days we are together. We spend the mornings in bed together before and after he starts getting ready talking and such. Its a nice way to start the day. I have this list of questions like name 20 random facts about yourself, etc and we do those.

Another morning thing...maybe TMI but I am going to be as tactful as I can about this, is some loving. Its not just a morning thing. Its a 24/7 thing. And I just wanna say halle-freaking-lujah. Its nice to be involved w/ someone who is like me. And I'll just leave it at that. lol

Tonight he'll be picking me up, going back home and then in morning he is going w/ me to my niece's baptism. Yay. I am so excited. He gets to meet like my whole family. lol Hes alittle stressed out about it. But I know everything will be ok. My family will love him bc I do and I'm happy.

Mkay, thats about all for now.
Looking forward to the next week!!

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