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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Inside and Out

Here we are again. We make such a cute couple. I could look at this pic for hours. The people in this pic may not be perfect and we may not be on any magazine covers or tv screens, but to me, we are perfect for each other. This is a man who works hard and has worked his way up in his job. He has goals and ambition to achieve those goal. Much like me. I have worked hard to better myself. I dont settle for less then 100%. I always want to do my best and be the best. This man is honest, trustworthy and supportive. A good foundation for a strong relationship. He's protective and caring. A good listener. Has already been there for me more than anyone else ever has. And not because I asked him to. Bc it was the right thing to do. I feel protected and safe with him. And not just when we are physically together. Being part of his life has made me a better person. We will be better people together. He makes me feel sexy and desirable. And I love him inside and out. When I see his face, I smile. I want to make this man happy, the way he has made me happy. He deserves it. Looking into his eyes, holding his hand, kissing his lips...these are things I want forever. We have plans for our future together and I know together we can achieve them.

I love you for who you were before me.
I love you for who you are now.
I love you for who you will be.

I am a lucky, blessed woman.

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