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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wedding Bells

I'm currently sitting in a dark room w/ Conan on the tv and Jonathan snoring softly in the bed. Since I slept off and on all day while he was at work I wasn't even close to being tired once he was. I laid with him for awhile and when he started to sleep I got outta bed and got online.
I came over here on Tuesday after he got off work. We decided to be lazy and just did pizza delivery. We also realized that me sleeping over is actually better for him, he gets more sleep. So I spent the night last night. My plan was to go home when I got my check and I ended up being really comfy over here so I sent him a text telling him I was staying. He came home on his lunch break, brought me lunch. Tonight once he was off we had planned on watching the debates but Danny came down and invited us to go to this little restaurant/bar called Black Jack. Donna, her daughter and Danny, me and J went and we had a really great time.
Donna and Danny are a trip. I am now apparently gonna be the maid of honor in their wedding. And Donna was so open and honest about telling all of J's stories, like how when he and I started talking Danny came home and told her, so she was asking J questions and she saw my profile and told him that I was the one. lol
*side note J is talking in his sleep, lol*
Anyway she has pretty much moved me in, has started planning our wedding and future children. J was mostly laughing it off but seemed a little tense, especially when I started kinda egging her on and said to him lets have a baby.
But after dinner, he and I did talk about the topics at hand. While I am very happy and can def see myself spending the rest of our lives together I don't wanna rush. Yes its hard to be apart and I loved being here. I enjoy being home when he gets off work. I like going to bed w/ him. But its good to miss each other. To be apart sometimes. We will get plenty of time for all that other stuff.
Plus I JUST moved into my place and I have never been independent really. I wanna get that for awhile longer.
I think our focus should just be about us and how we feel. Don't let outside voices influence us, no matter which way they lean. That was def something I have learned. We gotta do whats right for each other.

But yes I cant wait till we live together :)

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