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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Work Related Injuries

Today has been quite an interesting day at work. It was really slow and there were a lot of people here for OT. So we were all talking and apparently there are a lot of pissed off people. What it mostly boils down to is favoritism. And I found out some stuff that really made me mad. Like the girl who while on the clock, went out to her car to sleep. So the person in charge (no team lead technically that day) called the boss to report her, she was removed from answering service, given a salary position and now she works on reports for another boss.


They rewarded her!?

This is insane. I cant hardly take it. I am a team player. I try to always do my best. And yet people who completely walk over everyone get special treatment. I got an email from a sup one day bc I was 2 mins late from lunch....
Did you hear me?

2 minutes.
120 secs.

And yes it goes in my file and at some point I can be written up for that. If I get termed over some stupid bs...ugh I am so pissed right now. I feel like I have always given my boss the benefit that he does have my best interest in mind while still having to make the company priority. I get it. But I am starting to feel other wise.

All I know is something, some changes need to happen and fast!!

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