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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ran outta time and didnt post this on Monday night...

So tonight when I get off I'm not going home, I have to go to my apt. Its didnt make sense to drive to Katy when I needed to be back in Clear Lake in the morning. I am planning on being done w/ everything tomorrow. I found someone who needed the bed. Russell is taking the loveseat and the recliner. I'm really ready to get this over and done w/.
I'm kinda sad to not be going home. The apt isnt home and hasnt been in or felt that way in awhile. I am used to feeling J's kisses in the morning when he leaves for work. Hmmm I'm gonna miss him so much tomorrow, but I'm glad I'm off so once he gets off we will have the next few evenings together.
I got my flu shot today and my arm has been sore since. But I am glad I got it. One less thing on my to-do list. But man today has really been a pretty crappy day. So glad its my Friday.

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