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Friday, October 19, 2012

Young Love

Theres something I really wanna talk about but...I...don't know how to talk about it here. I guess I'll start off w/ a disclaimer - the following post may or may not include personal intimate details about the current goings on of my love life. Read at your own risk.

So with that said I am not going to come here and give away all the juicy details. Not really my style. But I do have this tugging feeling to talk about something. I personally have always found that physically 2 people need to have that connection. The spark. I don't necessarily think it has to be from day one, but it does need to develop in a somewhat quick timeframe and naturally.

One of my issues while dating was finding a person who I felt was "worth" it on paper, meeting my expectations but we wouldn't click. Or vice versa. And being that I consider physical intimacy very important I seemed to run into that more often then not. A few men who I could see sharing a physical connection but def didn't make the cut in other aspects.

Now I am not picky. Nor am I a gold digger. I don't expect a man to support me or pay my bills. I don't want him to buy my love. But I do want someone who has goals and has the same morals, and work ethic, etc as me. Anyway that's not the point of this post.

J and I have found our click. That spark. We cant seem to get enough of each other. And I am so happy. Its like we were made for each other. The way I feel w/ him is like nothing I have every experienced. And I don't mean that I wasn't happy before, but I can give myself freely to him. I can safely give him my love. 100% of me and he's returning it. This isn't about just a physical love. The combination of emotional and physical and....whatever else, just makes this intense passion and its beautiful and sexy and...yeah.

Its very hard to put into words. But once again it all boils down to me feeling like a blessed woman. I love him and I am just trying to take in all the feeling bc I know the newness wears off and I'm ok w/ that. But in the mean time I want to celebrate this, put it here for me to look back on and reminisce about the 2 young lovers who were starting out together and just smile...

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