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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I will have a good day!

Today will be a good day. Today will be a good day.
Today will be a good day. Today will be a good day.

Maybe if I just keep telling myself that I will have one. No, really. I am gonna try to not let my sleepiness get me in a funk. But it has already been a frustrating day and I have only been out of bed for 2 hours. Lemme rewind a little...

Yesterday was my mommas bday. Pedro and I planned a (surprise) dinner for my mom at Red Lobster at 8. I already knew I was gonna be tired today. Then they were late. And our service was slow. The waiter was overly friendly which was awkward. Oh, and my mom was a little tipsy so she was loud. I felt so bad for the couple right next to us. Food was yum and my mom was happy. Got home and in bed around 11.
Altho I did wanna call in, I am trying to clear my attendance record. I had let way too many days build up and I dont like feeling like I am living my life on the edge, lol. So yeah I got up when my evil, evil alarm went off only hitting the snooze twice. Took me twice as long to get ready too. Sooo sleepy. I could actually feel myself getting heavy eyelids on the drive TO work, which is not a good start to the day. Get to Starbucks ordered my coffee and breakfast and the lady tells me, after already waiting a few mins, that the oven wasnt pre-heated so its gonna take a few more mins bc she needs to wait on that to toast my bagel. Ugh. Ok


Um...What time is it? 5:20! OMG Bitch, I cant wait anymore. I swap out my bagel for a parfait and try to leave. Walk outside and some big doucher in a Lexus is so close to me I literally can NOT get in my car. I am thoroughly PISSED at that point. I go back in and yell for who ever drives it needs to move bc I cant get in my car. I cant believe he parked so close. He had to squeeze to get in and hes super skinny. Jerk.

Anyway, I was so annoyed and could feel myself getting in a funk but really, I dont wanna be grumpy.
This coffee is making my tummy hurty. Boo.

K thats all. <3

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