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Monday, February 25, 2013


Phew. Glad the weekend is over. Said no one, ever. But actually I kinda am. I did a whole bunch of nothing.
I had all those appointments Friday afternoon. First w/ Dr Thomas, my neurologist. She did an electromyography, EMG, to test for carpal tunnel. That was weird as hell. It kinda hurt. She said my right hand tested w/ mild carpel tunnel and my left was none. WHAT!! Thats insane. And my derm said the hand skin issue is excema. So thats all done.
Friday night Jon called on his way home and told me to get dressed and be ready. Mkay YAY date night :) Saturday I pretty much accidentally Donna-ed the day away aka slept all day. When Jon got home we were both bored bored bored so we went for a road trip. Sunday was Daytona 500 OMGWTFBBQ! Lol Yeah I kinda watched it while reading and playing around on the comp. Later we ordered a movie, End of Watch, which was really good and enjoyed a day w/o the dumbasses upstairs.

So why am I ready for the weekend to be over, bc the last communication we had w/ Arlene was that everything was back except the form from Red Door, the place we rent from now. We were all hoping to hear something before the weekend. But no, nothing, had to go thru the whole weekend in a pending state. SUCKS. Hopefully today we will get the final answer.

Mkay, this has taken way too long to update. So busy already.

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