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Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Tease

The weekend started off so good. I got off early on Friday, at noon. Came home. Opened up the blinds and a few doors, sat on the couch and watched Scrubs on Netflix. Mindlessly surfed the web and snuggled w/ my pup. Made dinner and spent the evening with Jon.
Saturday morning was more of the same. Got up and headed to the living room. Opened up blinds and windows. Had breakfast and met a lady down the street to pick up some stuff I bought off her online. Watched more Scrubs and snoozed off and on. Jon actually got to come home at a decent time. We watched Valentines Day and then Here Comes the Boom. We had an amazing night after the movie. We had the house to ourselves and we took advantage.

Sunday...the awesome weekend I was having came crashing down. First the real estate guy flaked out. And I was so disappointed. Everyday that goes by is another day we could lose a house we both would love. We then decided to cash in our GC to Gringos. It was yummy and fattening and I ate all my dinner. We both were happily dozing in our food coma's when I saw something on the stairs by the window outside. I got up and looked out the blinds and there was the worst sight in the world.

Donnas Blazer.

She came back. Danny had been MIA since Thursday and I kept saying I want him to come home. I wanna see him. I wanted to check in w/ him and see how he was doing. Saturday night I said to Jon I just hope he hasnt gone to Sugarland, where her mom lives. Sigh.

The last few days was so nice. This weight that was sitting on the house was lifted. Jon and I were comfortable and happy. We got a taste of what it will be like when its just the 2 of us. It was so nice while it lasted. How disappointing.

We picked up all of stuff and went to our room for the rest of the evening. And we will be back in there again from now on. Sucks. We shouldnt let them run us off into our room, but we dont like interacting w/ them at all. If we are in OUR living room they speak to us. No thanks.

So sad....

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