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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Too Busy Already

My stupid stomach. I swear to everything I am sick of this. Heartburn, pain, nausea!!! AAAAAaaaaaHhhh! lol Yesterday I had mild heartburn while I was packing and when I started eating dinner it was burning so bad like a freaking lava pit erupting up my throat. Then it simmered down. I went to bed and it came back w/ a vengeance AND I had taken a freaking pill before I went to bed. Since I packed all our extra pillows I couldnt prop myself up any more then normal. I did my best and apparently it was good enough bc I slept thru the night. But woke up this morning and my stomach is a molten pit of despair and sadness. Ugh.

Anyway, yesterday after work, I met 2 ladies for some more little items for the house. I got an Easter table runner, a plastic white wall clock, some soaps/bathroom decorations. Today I am going to get an alarm clock and an apron. I am almost completely packed up.

Its getting super busy so I need to go. Heres a pic of my living room currently.

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