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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Its Lovers Day!!

Happy Valentines Day!

Thats my pretty Origami Owl necklace that Jon surprised me with. He came home on Saturday, tossed me a box and said HVD. It was a flashlight similar to the one he has in his truck. I was so confused. I like the flashlight but for Valentines? He was serious and so ok, a flashlight it is. But then a few days later he gave me the necklace. Yay!! I <3 it!! So our Vday is already celebrated. No other plans. Dinner in tonight. We are trying to move and get that house so we dont need to be going crazy.

Speaking of dinner. The other night at my moms bday dinner I told my mom that I no longer feel like I am a democrat and that I do not support Obama. I am NOT republican or racist, nor do I think he is a terrorist out to destroy our country. BUT I do think he is a terrible leader and a puppet. She handled it well. Or a well as possible I guess. We were able to discuss why I feel that way and how we all felt. It went well. Well...Jon didnt really participate but thats ok. lol

Yesterday I met up w/ Arlene, our rental agent, and gave her our applications, check stubs, copy of our ID's, the soul of our first born, and the money order. Hoping to hear back from her today or tomorrow about the status of everything. I am so anxious. I want to just get the all clear and get this show on the road. Ugh.

Mkay hope everyone has a lovely day and gets some lovin' tonight ;)

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