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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


First I wanna start off with super awesome NSV. I can put my bra on again. lol I was having to pull it over my head, leaving the clasps connected. But now I have more range of motion back and can do it the regular way. Also I went grocery shopping for the week by myself and unloaded my car. And didnt want to kill myself or anyone else.

Kelli and her drug problem. I am so over it. I deleted her from my facebook. I couldnt take it anymore. Just like I said to Krystal and posted as my status, why does she get to be all happy and carefree while our family sits and suffers thru her addiction. I hate how her problem becomes OUR problem while she just keeps the cycle going over and over. And I know the opinion of some is that shes,and other addicts, are waste of a life and better off dead, etc, but...shes family. Damn it.

I tried a new recipe last night. Spaghetti in the crockpot. I totally didnt see how that would work but omg it was yummy. Jon prefers his meatless so I threw one chicken breast in for me, used the healthy noodles and lower fat alfredo to mix w/ the tomato sauce. I dont prefer full flavor of just tomato. Too acidy. It taste kinda like the chef boyrdee sauce except more spices. Its good.

And lastly I just wanna say, I know I say it all the time, but I really love my bf :) Hes awesome.

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