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Monday, February 4, 2013

The Weekend is Gone :(


So after work Friday I went straight to the Drs office for my appt w/ my ortho. My appt wasnt until 3:30 but I was hoping I could get seen earlier. I got there at 1 and I had to wait till 2:30ish. So that sucked. I didnt have my kindle or my cell bc it was dead. But I was glad to get in earlier. Dr Velez still wants me to have the surgery and we scheduled my EMG for 2/22. And he went ahead and gave me the shots. I felt the pain of the actual shot more this time. There was some numbness on the drive home but overall I was handling it well. Then all hell broke loose. The numbness started to subside and the pain started. I've heard of these cortisone shots being painful, but I didnt have issues the first time. It kept getting worse and worse. I spent several hours laying in bed crying and trying not to move my hands. FUCK THAT SHIT!! No more shots. Surgery is next. But Jon came home and made me work out my hands and I was pretty much fine by bedtime.

Saturday nothing to eventful happened this weekend. I slept in a little. Went to the grocery store for a few things. Made dinner, yummy BBQ baked potatoes. Jon and I watched a movie and FINALLY made up for all the torture during the week. lol

Yesterday was my gpa's bday party, so we drove out there. Unfortunately the party wasnt till 3! Which was when we had kinda planned on leaving. We werent able to bc we were waiting on the clothes. We were able to leave at 4. I had NO IDEA the game started early so it totally threw all my plans out the window. Got home and dropped off Jon just in time to see the kick off and I ran to pick up dinner and beer (in his truck, which I have my own set of keys for now, btw :). Had a pretty good night w/ Jon, Danny and Donna. We all got nice and not sober. Then went pretty much straight to bed after the game. I do wanna say one thing, we had James Coney Island for dinner and damn the gas. My stomach hurt so bad now. Gosh.

So since we didnt got grocery shopping, we are gonna have to go today. I hate being off my routine. But I am still staying on the diet...sorta. As best I can w/ no food in the house, lol.

OK well, happy Monday.

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