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Friday, February 22, 2013

Millions of Doctor Appts

Nothing exciting happened yesterday. I worked my full shift, no early day for me. Got home and started a new recipe in the crock pot. TexMex Chicken. It was good.
But unfortunately I am having some serious stomach issues. I have been in some pretty bad pain after I eat. This has changed from the burning I was having the week before. Just so many stomach issues. So annoying. And uncomfortable. Wahhh. I really dont wanna go to a gastroenterologist (spell chk says thats wrong but its, lol). Jon almost wanted to take me to the hosp last night. NO! Booo. I swear it would probably just be gas and I'd be embarrassed. lol

So speaking of a million appts, I have 2 today. First w/ a neurologist for an EMG for my carpal tunnel. And then w/ a derm for my dry skin. And of course my hands would start to look better right before my appt.

We got an email from Arlene last night saying that the only thing left pending was our rental history, that they had called and were waiting on a call back. She thinks/hope we should hear something today.

Hmm ok its torture waiting, in case you didnt know.
Alright TGIF. Lets get this day over with.

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