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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hump Day!

This is breakfast. We went grocery shopping last yesterday and packs of 4 were on sale for 2 for $4. And I was curious. Its basically applesauce - to go. The consistency was strange at first, to be squeezing into your mouth like toothpaste. But it wasnt that thick and after the initial mind block it actually was very yummy. Thats one of my fav things about grocery shopping is finding new things for meals, snacks and stuff for the lunch box. I cant believe how much I have gotten into finding new recipes, shopping for them and then seeing how it turns out. Like this week I am making 3 new recipes for dinner.
We haven't heard back yet from the house people. I need to call our lady and just check in. And I guess we need to make plans to look at other houses soon in case we dont hear from the people from the 1st house.

Today felt like a good day to call in. I slept for 5 mins thru my alarm this morning. I didnt go to bed till 11 and even then it felt like it took too long to get into a good deep sleep.

I have a little hurty pimple next to my eye. Me no likey.

Welp thats all. Have a good Wednesday!!

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