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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sorry for the Profanity

I had such a busy day yesterday. I got off work @ 11 and since it was so early I went and hung out w/ my bff and her fussy crying but adorably cute baby, Little E aka Tator Tot. It was a nice visit but we need a girls night soon.
Got home and was looking forward to getting into comfy clothes and starting dinner when I see a big wet spot on my side of the bed. One of the dogs must have had an accident, I am leaning toward Chance. Mostly bc the puppy has peed downstairs a million times and never in the bed, plus Chance has done this once. When he drinks a bunch of water and then goes to sleep he sometimes has accidents if he doesn't wake up soon/fast enough. SO, I stripped the bed, it was even on Jon's comforter (we don't share currently bc we have a king bed and 2 queen comforters, which is good but it would be nice to share eventually) packed up everything and headed to the laundry mat. My plan was to drop it off and have the little Asian man that was there last time do it. But then I got there it was some different guy and he seemed very rude.
Before I left for the laundry mat I had thrown dinner in the crock pot. New recipe. Got home and stupid fucking Donna was in one of her "I must talk" moods. So she talked too much and told me things I am sure she wasn't supposed to. Like how her ring, that he just got her, cost $1000. She has her nails done, she is getting her hair cut. That is so much fucking bullshit. Her and Danny can go to hell. How is it fair that they have essentially wiped out Jon completely but yet they get to live here basically free, still working w/ a paycheck, a title loan and $5000 tax refund and not give him one dime?? And if they are sober enough to go spend $1000 on a ring for his fucking crack head skank then they aren't doing enough drugs and mixing it w/ alcohol to kill themselves. All I know is we better get this damn house. SHIT FUCK ASS BALLS. lol

I really HATE that people like them get to live a relatively happy existence, even if they are miserable and fight all the time. Its doesn't matter. They need to struggle and be stressed, like we have had to do.


OK anyways...dinner turned out amazing and the night ended well tho wink winky face :) lol

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