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Friday, February 15, 2013

Cant We All Just Get Along

I took this pic after I got off work yesterday. I pulled into the driveway and that was in the side yard. I walked right past it then decided you know as a kid I couldnt get enough of these. I went back, picked it and then took a deep breath, made a wish and tried to blow all the thingys off in one blow. How long has it been since you've done something you loved as a kid? Something to remind you of simpler times. It was a nice little step back. Heres hoping my wish comes true.

On that note I have a good news bad news story. Jon and I had our first fight. Yep. On Valentines Day. We are cool like that. The topic for the fight seems silly but our reasons make sense. Basically I had my feelings hurt bc I feel like he bashes my "hometown" and I pretty much shut down. It was barely 8 and I went to bed. Fully dressed. See I am really stubborn and all he had to do was say one thing and he wouldnt so I was done. Where the problem is is that we are both stubborn and we both were determined not to lose. We laid in bed not talking, not sleeping for a few hours. I did fall asleep for a short period. When I woke up he was on the computer. In my head I was going back and forth. But finally I decided it was more important to me to fix it then to win. That was the bad news.

The good news is we figured out that we are both the same. Which isnt good. The good part is we agreed to never go to bed angry. We will have fights, but we cant let ourselves do the stubborn thing. Its not good for either one of us and just makes things worse. I did start talking and we cleared the air and apologized. He came to bed and we are good now. Which is important since I am leaving tonight to go see Ryry.

Alright its super busy at work. TGIF!

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