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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hey Pretty Girl

I had a rough day diet wise yesterday. First I didnt even try to resist some peanut M&M's in training class. Which wouldnt have been too bad had that been my only issue. Nope. After having to stay late at work bc of the training class (that was a complete waste of time) I decided to stop at Sonic. My intention was to get an unsweet tea. Well they were advertising 99 cent snacks during "happy hour." So I ordered 2 mozzarella sticks. Once he brought out the order I realized it was 2 full size orders. He messed up. And instead of doing the right thing....I ate them all. BUT the good news is today is a new day AND I learned something. If I notice a lack of willpower during the day dont tempt myself later. Oh and PS my stomach has hurt off and on since then.

Jon and I are both getting pretty tired of chicken. I cant wait till we move so I can cook in the kitchen like a normal person instead of in a garage w/ just a microwave and crockpot. I would like to make some fish, and we could do some lean red meats too. But those dont do well in the microwave, lol. I am gonna try and find some recipes in the mean time that are meatless to add to our weekly dinners.

I am completely in love with this song currently. Its a beautiful song, telling a beautiful story.

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