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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Did Ya Miss Me!!?

So sorry about yesterday. Monday evening right around when Jon got home I started having really strong and painful stomach pains. So bad actually that it hurt to anything more then lay down really. Jon wanted to take me to the ER of course, but we agreed that if it was still bad in the morning he was taking me.
While we were finishing up dinner my cell rang and it was Arlene. We got the house!!! Finally, thank GOD!! So w/ the news our evening kinda took a turn around. We called our parents and I posted on facebook. The excitement kinda kept us up later then normal, then on top of that the..umm...celebration continued for awhile and by the time I was falling asleep it was waaaaaaay past my bedtime. Plus my stomach pains were coming back. I woke up several times and when my alarm went off 3 hours later I knew I needed to call in. There was no way I could function on 3 hours and deal w/ my frickin period cramps!! Yeah, thats what the pain was. Which is a bunch of crap bc I dont have bad ones usually...psh. Sorry for no TMI warning but you'll live. I did, plus I'm over people being weird about periods. Its life, literally.
Anyway, so I went back to bed and got up when Jon did. I still was feeling pretty miserable and cuddled up on the couch and watched a movie I had been wanting to see since me and Jon started dating, Anna Karenina. Around 10:30 I finally got dressed and headed out to get more boxes and tape. Once I got home, I turned on some music and started packing. Just slowly getting everything organized and packed away. Donna was down w/ me off and on. She cant sit for too long, so she would hang out then go upstairs, then back down, then back up. lol She got kinda emotional too about how things have gone for her and Danny and their relationship w/ Jon. Meh. Well in the middle of all that I was able to get a whole lotta shit done. The living room is done. All my stuff in the garage is re-taped up/boxed. And I have moved to the bedroom. Thats where I will start today. Probably in the closet. While I'm at work today I'm gonna reserve a Uhaul and do a change of address form.

Man. I cant believe this is finally it. This is the last thing Jon and I have been waiting for and we are less then 4 days away. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I cant wait to run naked room to room just bc I can. Hell, maybe I wont run, I will walk, very slowly...with the blinds closed. lol

K people. Have a great Hump Day!! I'll leave you with a pic of the front.

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