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Monday, March 4, 2013

The Big Move

Phew, what a long productive weekend.

Early in the week I had the foresight to see one of us should be off Friday, me since he cant just take a day off, and Friday was spent running around. We got the lease late Thursday night and so Friday I went up to Jons work where he printed it out. We (he) read it over and got all the deposits, signed everything and then I met our rep, the rep for the houses management comp and turned everything. Finally we have the KEYS!!! Yay!!! I am not gonna lie I literally sat in that empty place forever just feeling like this is it. This is what we have been waiting for basically since Jon and I realized we wanted to be together.
After sitting there, letting Chance sniff every square inch, I went to buy a washer and dryer. Stopped at this little used appliance type place. The guy there was a doucher and we went back and forth a few times over prices and machines. Finally we agree on 2 mix-match machines for $400 plus delivery/setup. He rings me up and quotes the total w/ tax as $270...I said What?! and he repeated himself w/ attitude. Hmm ok, fine $270 it is. So that was awesome.
Saturday morning I finish up packing, pick up my brothers, the uhaul and they pack up everything then head to the new place and they completely unloaded everything.
There was one pretty serious issue. We had the water turned on Friday. Well Saturday when we pulled up there was water pouring down the driveway, open the garage and the water heater is leaking. But we did get an emergency plumber to come out and he installed a brand new water heater. Wahoo.
We have even had our first guest. Jacob and Mikey, Jons friend and little boy, came over to see the place and hang for awhile. After they left, we did a little more unpacking, played a game of Life (Jon beat me) and watched some Big Bang before heading to bed for the night.

We are both so happy. It feels so great. Cant wait to get off so I can go home again, lol.
Have a great Monday everybody! :)

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