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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Boo. I Forgot my Breakfast.

Boo. I overslept. I hate that. I hit the snooze button too many times plus slept thru the alarm. I woke up at 4:32 and was out the door in 10 mins. But at the same time its nice to have the extra sleep, lol. Knowing that we have a vacation coming makes it hard to get up. I'm looking forward to a week of sleeping in past 4am.

I know Jonathan is probably gonna disagree, but I want a treadmill. I was planning on joining the Y w/ my mom (she already goes) but we wouldnt be able to match our schedules. I would want to work out as soon as I got off of work. IDK, maybe I can find something cheap.

I am going crazy w/o the internet at home. Comcast are being turds. They dont recognize our home, apparently in the 30+ years its been there, no one has ever had comcast or any form of comcast, xfinity, time warner, etc. I just have a had time believing that. There was a comcast truck parked out by the old house (which is literally in the same neighborhood) and I almost wanted to stop him and be like go look at my house and see that it exist and give me service. I want INTERNET. I am so behind on my youtube video subscriptions and I can't really do tumblr from my phone bc my service sucks. Boo.

Yeah...I am whiny today.
I'm done with today already.

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