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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I Got Gas. Hopefully.

Nothing is really going on currently. We are just enjoying our new place. Cable came out yesterday. Gas comes today finally. I wanna take a bath, a hot bath, so bad. Yeah I took a cold one on Monday. Just enough to get clean. And the last thing we are waiting on is internet but they are being lame. Cant remember if I said this already or not but we have to wait 3-5 days and then they will call us, bc they dont recognize our house. Stupid.

My job is going to a uniform again. Or its gonna try, bc these dumb hoochie mama's that work here get confused on whats appropriate for work and the club. Khakis or slacks w/ collared polo shirts. Sigh. I had wearing collared shirts. The only reason I am not really upset is bc I can get my own shirts. We arent required to order thru the company like last time, that was a disaster.

OK well I just wanted to update since I missed yesterday.
Happy Hump Day! :)

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