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Friday, March 22, 2013

I Love Weekends

I finally got Russells W2. Well, sorta. I still have to wait on 1 more. The company changed names, so theres another one for 3 months. But I went ahead and entered in the one I had and it shows we are getting back more then w/ me by myself. So thats great. Now we may actual pay off the IRS. Yay!!
Before I left for work I got a call that the contractor would be coming and asked what time. I told her I'd be home by 3 so she said he'd be there around 3. Bc of that I didnt go to the grocery store, again. Blah. And of course he didn't show up until waaaaaaaaaaaaay after 3. He fixed the master shower and the front porch light. But he was unable to fix the hall sink (its copper, he doesnt work w/ copper), the sliding glass door(someone else), garage plug(someone else) and weather stripping (also someone else). The back porch light was never connected and the fence was just an fyi. He did put a new door bell button but there is no bell. I will have to make another work order once these are all done tho. The back bedroom light is broken, not just the bulb. I replaced the bulb and it still nada. And the spin thing on the roof is bent or something bc when it spins it makes a very loud clunking sound in our bathroom.
I am starting to get excited about our vaca coming up. Only 18 days left of work for me. Wahoo. But I am starting to think I am really gonna miss my pup while we are away. I have never been apart from him for that long :( I hope he likes my brother and that hes happy and doesn't miss me too much.
I ordered a new battery for my cell. Hopefully that resolves the issues I have been having w/ charging. I basically live my life next to a plug. I also ordered some fridge magnets. The word ones, of the adult varity. lol I cant wait. Our fridge is gonna be very NSFW.

Alright I have training this morning, 8:30 to Noon. But I dont think it will actually last that long...we will see.
Have a great Friday!!

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