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Friday, March 29, 2013

Its Good Friday

YAY!! We made it past 6 months. lol I knew we would. We are the best most awesome couple ever. I am such a lucky lady :)

I made lasagna roll ups last night. I used whole wheat pasta and some "healthy" pasta sauce. It turned out so good. I am looking forward to my leftovers, lol. I think, if I remember to do it, I am going to start taking pics of our meals to share here. Its become a big part of my life now. And its something I really enjoy doing. From picking out recipes (usually via pinterest), planning our menus, grocery shopping, making the meals and then having dinner w/ Jon. Its all something that just makes me so happy. It fits w/ my dream. All my life growing up I have wanted nothing more then to be a stay at home mom/wife. Taking care of the house and kids (hopefully one day) is something I want so bad. day. At least I got one part for now.

This weekend is Easter. Yay!! I made the baskets and I am looking forward to seeing my family and spending time w/ them and Jon. Unfortunately its gonna be a busy weekend for Jon. The 3rd shop is opening Monday so he has a lot to do w/ that.

My back has been killing me. I took a long hot bath yesterday and got Jon to do a quick massage at bedtime but I can feel it starting to tighten up now. I cant think of anything except my work chair maybe. IDK. Ugh.

Well it looks like I am already starting to make progress on my phobia. I found a good website and it had some very useful info. I also asked my friends on facebook to pray for me and got some advice from Marc. I really wanna kick it, or at least bring it back down a few notches.

Ok Peoples. TGIF!

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