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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Brrr...the a/c always kicks on at 6.

Alright. I'm back! I'm sure all my secret readers were holding their breath waiting for my return.
Speaking of readers, I get about 10-15 hits a day. I can account for like 3-4 maybe 5 of them, but who the heck are the rest of you?? And why in the world do y'all never comment?? EVER! So rude to be so nosey. lol
This weekend was so good. I have got the house completely set up and ready. The guest bedroom was still needing a box unpacked/put away and the bed set up. So thats done w/ the help of my sweet sweet bf. I also fixed the kitchen chairs that needed tightening. And cleaned, cleaned, cleaned. The first real cleaning since we moved in. Tile floors suck and really need to be sweeped once a day. I want one of those "dust mops" things. I think that will make daily pass throughs easier. IDK. I just know sweeping all the floors was a work out and I was sweaty and felt like I was gonna burst into flames.
While doing all that I was also cooking and preparing food for my mom and Pedro Saturday night and J's momma Sunday afternoon. I was definitely a busy person. But you know, I think I like that. Now, dont get me wrong, I enjoy being able to just relax sometimes but sitting and doing nothing just starts to make me sleepy. I hate that. Anyway, the guest all loved the house and the food. We all had a great time.

For some reason Jon has gotten himself all worked up over something, and I dont really know how to fix it. He's worried Bills? So much so that he even mentioned not taking our He doesnt have a reason to be so worked up. We budgeted this move, and we will handle anything that comes along. We aren't too tight or "house poor." Plus he has a raise/promotion coming in the coming weeks. Calm down :)

Mkay. Better get off here before the day really picks up.
1 more day till internet!!

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