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Monday, March 11, 2013

Extreme Couponing

Man the weekend is already gone. What the hell!
But I did get a whole lot done Saturday. I got up w/ Jon and headed over to a stockpile sale. These ladies who do extreme couponing end up w/ over a houseful of crap so they sell it for really cheap. I got some good stuff and only spent $27.50.
After I finished that I came home and good thing I had bought the sweeper. Chance found a box of trash and ripped it open. And in that box was a ziploc w/ cornstarch. Damn dog. So, yeah, cleaned that. Then pretty much spent the rest of the day cleaning, unpacking, and organizing. The office is done (minus Jons box). The guest bedroom needs the bed on the frame and sheets and stuff on. Master bedroom and bath is almost done. Hall bath just needs the towels. When Jon got home, we picked up dinner and stopped by the liquor store and had an adult beverage before passing out on the couch.

Sunday I made a yummy brunch and then we ran some errands. We found out that the assholes stole everything from the old house that we had left. I knew it, I knew we couldn't even leave the few things we left there. I hate them so much. But anyways...we went to the grocery store and Dollar General where we finally got our trash can. We tried to sit and watch some tv but ended up napping for a few. I woke up and started working on the bedroom again until J woke up and had dinner. After dinner we were gonna play a game but realized how late it was so we just made lunches and then went to bed.

We have invited Barbara, Jon's Momma, to come over Sunday for dinner. Also will ask my mom and Pedro over for Saturday, maybe, if they are feeling better. My mom thinks she has the flu. Eww. So either way we need to finish up the house by Saturday. I will have as much done as possible during the days after work.

Well, its really quiet but I'm done for today.
Have a great Monday! :)

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