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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dirty, Dirty Boy ;)

First off a correction on yesterdays post we owed $2300 something. I am not sure where I pulled the $3000 number from. Oops. Well, its still a lot of freaking money. lol

This week at work has been pretty relaxed. After Monday each day has been pretty quiet bc of spring break. Plus we have no appts left hardly anyway. Most of the calls I take during my shift are for same day appointments, which any other time of year we have, but this week, NOPE. And I get such a kick out of telling people no. lol Does that make me a bad person? Its just that in customer service you always have to kiss so much ass and bend over backwards for them 99% of the time. This is a way that I can just stick it to them w/o losing my job.

After work yesterday I stopped by Jons shop and he was just fixing to go on a parts run so I tagged along. After about half the trip I took the radio remote and put on some music I knew he wouldnt be too fond of and sang and did some super awesome car dancing. Nothing too intense, just a little taste, lol. He is now concerned w/ the road trip to Tennessee. He threatened to drug me for the ride. But it was nice to spend some time together yesterday afternoon.
After that I went and paid the $'s for the old place, and by the time I got home it was nearly 6pm, we had a date night planned so I took a bath and got ready. Unfortunately he had to work late :( he wasnt home till almost 8. We still went to dinner, just at our place close by. After dinner we came home and went to bed.
Now...I have had about 4 hours of sleep, which is no where near enough. And I dont wanna kiss and tell, lol just kidding of course I do. Lemme just say last night was freaking awesome. I tried so hard to fight him off bc it was late and a work night but yeaaaaaah that didnt work out too well. Remember sexual compatibility should be a requirement in relationships. If you are a sex maniac you NEED to be w/ another sex maniac. Ya damn freaks, lol :)

I feel different today for some reason...and tired. Different and tired.
Bye bye.

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