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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Our House, In the Middle of the Street

What do you love/hate about the place you’re living and what would you change?

We just moved in and are basically settled. So I figured this would be a perfect time to do this. I saw it on someone elses blog and I am sooooo sorry I can NOT remember who. If it comes to me I will leave a link here. And of course excuse the mess. Its midweek and a we actually never got around to cleaning this weekend. The basics, she is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage. I cant remember the exact square footage but it was around 1200ish.
Lets start with the front.
Originally I was NOT a fan of the exterior design. Its odd and not what I would typically say is my "style" home. But I love it now. The color is a little boring, there are more variety of  colors thru out the neighborhood. What I do like is the landscaping. You can tell at some point (before it sat vacant for who knows how long) it was very loved. I would like to add some decor on the front patio area. It is quite large.
When you walk in the front door you are looking into the living room thru this column. To the right is the laundry room and the left is the dining room/kitchen. Nothing wrong in the entryway to me. You can see the 2 story vault from the entry. I am looking forward to adding pieces here.
 So to the left behind you is the kitchen. The island is not original. The counters on the right used to go to the window and the door to the left was the only pantry, which is tiny, so someone put in a larger pantry on the right and added the island to give more counter/storage space. Good thinking. Except! The sink and dishwasher are on the right and the fridge and range on the left which makes unloading the dishwasher and draining foods a hassle. But its minor and hasnt been too big an issue. I do like that there is a window above the sink and 2 pantries are pretty awesome. We use the small one for spices and things like trash bags, ziploc bags. The larger holds canned goods and everything else. Another thing I love is the amount of storage space. I have room to keep everything hidden, like all the small appliances. (Just got back from the grocery store so the gatorades haven't been put up yet :)
That brings us to the dining room (minus one kitchen chair). Pretty standard. Nice vaulted ceilings. Lots of natural light. Actually thats a plus thru out the house. As you can see there is tile, which is also thru out the house, except the bedrooms. The only thing I dislike about the dining room is really the tile causes the table to slide. So I will center it and then a few days later its over center again. I need to put some rubber things on the table feet. PS Photobombing doggie.
To the left of the entry is a door that leads to the laundry. This doesnt seem like it was original either. In the garage is looks like there was a place it used to be. This is fine, just makes the shape of the living room/entry a little different. And this is pretty tight. To get in and out of both doors you have to have both open. But meh. Its not a deal breaker...obviously.
Living room. I love it. Again tile floors are cold but we will eventually have rugs. I love the fireplace. The larger couch is right at the bottom of this pic. 2 story ceiling in here. And more natural light. Just love this space.
The sliding glass door opens to a covered patio. Heres where some more landscaping comes in. There is that little covered garden patch and a fountain. There are really nice flood lights that are attached to the bottom of the deck that shine into the garden. To the right it opens up to 2 marble(ish?) slabs one that you can see there. And one further into the yard. Looks like it was for a hot tub.
Here is the rest of the backyard. We back up to a...creek? So no back neighbors. The yard is very private. I have been thinking about starting my summer tan soon. The shed there for even more outside storage. And you can see the corner of the 2nd slab.
Heres the other side view of the patio going back into the living room.
From the hallway looking up into the living room. You can see the front door there by the kitchen. The coat closet and the ledge going around the closet and laundry room. We want to put something there but... who knows what. And you can see the huge vaulted ceiling w/ the windows. This is a love hate for me. I love the height and its very interesting. But the light at certain times can be an issue with where our tv is. And the blinds are gross discolored. And the cords are all tangled? WTF!
The next stop on our tour, lol, is the guest bedroom. Small, but functional. Its the furthers from the master. At the end of the hallway to the left. This is a queen and it fits just right. A huge 2 door closet thats walk thru. Nothing negative about this room really.
The next room is the office. Its very small. And as a bedroom it would really only fit a twin. But it would make a good nursery as it is right next to the master. (Hi other kitchen chair :) Large closet w/ shelving we use for games and books. This is Jons room, he still has some unpacking/putting away to do. PS Photobombing doggie.
Straight across the hall from the office is the guest bath. Nothing really to say here. Its functional. Does what it needs to do for a guest bath. I do like the updated sink cabinet and wall medicine cabinet. And the full mirror above the sink, instead of some homes that put tiny mirrors. I personally dont like sliding shower doors, but meh.
Master Bedroom. Very large. And messy. Sorry about that. The pic makes it look worse then it is. But yes plenty of room. We have our king size bed, 2 night stands, a large tv w/ stand to the left, my vanity and a dresser to the right. Nice vaulted ceilings again. Right inside the door to the right is Jon's closet. Its kinda small for a master so we dont share. Then just past that is the bathroom.
Right as you walk into the bathroom this is on the left. My precious. How I love thee. OMG this tub. I heart it so. It has a sky light above it and its perfect. lol No but really my only complaint is the space in between the tub and the floor. Its kinda wide making getting in and out kinda hard, but I got it down now.
Next to my bathtub is Jons shower. lol Its quite large and have a built in bench. The windows bring more natural light in. And there is plenty of room for both of us. You know, to conserve water. Think about the planet :)
My closet/linen closet and his/her sinks. Every guest we have shown the house has loved the bathroom. And for me it was really the selling feature. The rooms are small and some things are really nice but then at the same time there poor contractor work thru out. But this room. Its as big as the master. Love it!!

But with all that said, I love this house. The pros and cons. I will take them all. Because at the end of the day, I have a roof over my head that I get to share w/ my love. Its so nice to come home to a happy loving space. We dont need all this, but I am thankful for everything we have. I enjoy decorating and making it a place for us. Sitting down every night to a home cooked meal in a kitchen and then relaxing in front of tv.
Anyway yes. I love it.

*Not pictured garage bc its nothing special and its just got some boxes and my car :)

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