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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Its Hump Day

Finally. Internet day is here. Yippie!! I cant wait to get off work.

One of the first things I'm gonna do is file my taxes. I have been ready to file since I got my W-2, but I was hoping to get Russell's W-2 so I could file joint (if it was in my best interest). But after numerous phone calls and text, that mostly went ignored, I have given up. I called him yesterday one last time and when he didnt answer I left a message letting him know that:
  1. He obviously had no intentions in giving me his W-2.
  2. So, I am going to file my taxes,
  3. Cancel the Netflix acct that I have so very kindly paid $8.65 monthly for JUST FOR HIM, since Jon has an acct,
  4. Will be filing for divorce once the taxes are done,
  5. And not to bother calling or texting me EVER again, EVER!!!! (like Taylor Swift says Weeee-EEEE are never ever ever getting back together, asssssssssssssshole)
Fucking ass. I am so annoyed. I couldnt stand talking to him the little we talked anyway so good riddance. He is worthless to me.

Anyways! Had a good evening w/ my love. He brought home dinner, some wings(that we couldnt even finish-we've come so far, lol) and 2 new movies. Red Dawn and Zero Dark Thirty. We watched Red Dawn and cuddled on the couch. It was a good movie. I was really impressed.

Something or rather someone I am NOT impressed w/ is Hooman, our maintenance manager. They handled the water heater situation so well, they really set the bar high for themselves. But now we are about ready to go above him. Two Thursdays (3/7) ago I called w/ the list of issues after our walk thru. He asked me to email him Friday morning(3/8). Done. Last Tuesday (3/12) I called to check the status and he said "I said it would take 48 business hours." Which it had been, so I replied back with "It has been, emailed on Friday, its now Tuesday afternoon." So he said someone would be calling me. Friday comes (3/15) and I call again, just to check in and let him know I still haven't received a phone call. He seems surprised and says he will call a different contractor and I will get a phone call ASAP. Then he says call him as soon as someone calls so he will know, bc you know, hes so concerned...No one called. Sunday Jon calls him(3/17). Same thing. Seems so concerned. Someone will call him back THAT DAY!! Nope.
I understand that some of the issues will not be fixed, and some arent under time constraints, but I feel like in the time that has passed someone should have been out to address each issue by now. There are a few that do NEED to be taken care of ASAP. Jons shower head, he is basically showering w/ a water hose. I even went ahead and let him go buy the pieces to fix it himself but the pipe is completely f-ed up. The adaptor wont work. The front porch light, thats a safety concern as far as I see it.
IDK this needs to be resolved soon.
Lastly, Google Reader is going away. I am so sad. I dont know what to do. I read sooooo many blogs on my reader. Is there another thing like google reader?
Sigh...ok peeps. Happy Hump Day!! :)

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