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Monday, March 25, 2013

Its Monday.

The training on Friday went well. I am excited for all the new changes at work. First we are getting a new system that is hopefully going to make this a little easier. Then we are getting a dress code, which isnt exciting, but I am glad that everyone who sucks and made us go to a dress code now have to wear a polo and slacks everyday. Bitches. Then we have a brand new building and will be moving in the summer. Yay. Its gonna be nice to have all new everything. New desk, new chairs. Fancy.
Anyway after work I talked to Russell again. I am going to let him (bc of his dad's meddling) file first, separately. Then I will file. But I swear they better take all of his refund. If he gets any money back I will flip my shit. I swear, I will. If there is any money left over, I should be the one to have it. I have put more money into this debt then him, I have put all the money. He has NOT paid one fucking penny. So yeah...
After Jon got home on Friday he kicked me off the comp and out of the computer room saying he had work to do. After awhile he told me it was a surprise for me. Yay. I <3 surprises...well, actually no, it drives me crazy BUT I do love gifts!! :) After he was done, he called me into the room and he got the new Sim City!! OMG and so that was basically my/our weekend.
Well I lied. We did watch Zero Dark Thrity Saturday night. And spent Sunday morning/afternoon together. I had a lot more planned for Sunday but after spending too long on 1 activity (heh, lol) we both we pretty much done w/ anything else. So we STILL didnt go grocery shopping. BUT he promised we would go today when he got off and we did already plan our menu and list for the week. We have to go. One its bad for our diet and two its bad for our budget.
We ended the weekend playing Sims together. It was his turn to play so I watched. And it was actually fun to watch him too. But not gonna lie, I cant wait to play when I get off.
Alright happy Monday peeps.

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