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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Busy Weekend Ahead

I need to take pics of the house now that everything is all set up. I still need to buy wall decor but thats gonna take some time and money. Jon has a few older paintings from his grandma that I do like and will use a few of them. The only issue is the frames are kinda...older, lol. We want to get one of those Texas star things for over the fireplace. And a few other ideas, like the cross wall.

Yesterday we got terrible news. Even tho Jon did the right thing when we were preparing for the move, by calling the previous homes management company and getting all the info (lease end date, last month free, etc), he got a phone call from them saying rent was past due. Not only that but the lease didnt end April 2, it was thru the month of April so we owe March and April, plus now the late fees for March. So...just $3000+ you know, nothing major.


Holy hell. We just moved in to the new place. We dont have that. And of course Dipshit and Dumbass are gonna help. They are so ridiculous that they actually hid Jon's firewood in Bri's closest. God, they are just plain trash. But yeah, so anyway, Jon's mom offered to take care of it for now, and of course he (and me) will pay her back.

I am trying to plan what to make this weekend when we have company. Saturday my mom and Pedro are coming and Sunday his momma is coming. I dont know what to make. And of course I am more concerned w/ what to make for his momma. Kinda thinking about a brunch...hmm...

Alright. Time to get back to work.
Happy Hump Day, folks :)

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