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Friday, March 8, 2013

I Need a Blender, Yes Need.

Yippie its Friday! I am so looking forward to spending the whole weekend relaxing in the house. Well, mostly relaxing. We do need to finish up unpacking whats gonna be unpacked and getting all the boxes up or out. The guest bedroom needs to be set up and the office. Plus once everything is all unpacked and such I can start decorating. Wahoo. lol
Last night we did our walk thru paper work and started our list of things that need repair. And I called to put in the work order and was expecting an answering service or machine and I got Hooman. Hes the management rep guy and I have really been impressed w/ this company so far.
AHHHHH! I missed a sale!!! My life is over!! I need polo shirts for work, since we are going to a uniform. Well the other day I was just looking around different plus size websites and saw Lane Bryant had this awesome sale. I could get six panties and 3 polo's for $60 something dollars. I didnt order it right away, I wanted to talk to Jon first. Well, I remembered last night and went to order this morning. The sale was for one day only. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Boo. Damn it.
Kelli called me last night. She just wanted to talk and tell me she was 20 days sober. Going for her 30 day chip. She hasnt ever gotten that far before. I have a hard time w/ her bc I want to embrace her and reconnect w/ her and our friendship. But I am tired of being burned by her. Ugh. Idk. Everyone else (ie cousins) have "taken her back." Hmmm...
A new thing has happened since I have started losing weight. Or I should say something old is coming back. I freaking love to shop!! I have gone grocery shopping 2 days in a row and not even flinched at having to go. Oh shopping, how I have missed you. Sorry Jon :) Love you!!

Ok better wrap it up before it gets busy. TGIF.

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