Seriously? You have GOT to be kidding me!

Friday, May 17, 2013

After getting off work went straight home to play Sims. I was dying. I wasnt able to play Tues or Weds. But I had a plan. I wanted to make me and Jon and build our house.
But w/ Jons help, once he got home, we were about to finish it. It looks so good. Of course there were a few little tweaks I had to do to make it work w/ the sims, but not too many actually. I will get some screen shots so y'all can see my hard work. And Jon and I as sims is too funny. Whats even weirder still is when they went to watch tv and eat dinner they sat in the same spots Jon and I do in real life. 
So we are pretty awesome. lol

Nothing else to exciting. I am starting to feel better. Getting outta my funk. Thank God.I was feeling so yuck. No fun. Not doing anything exciting this weekend. Just clean and grocery shop.

JON!! We are shopping on Sunday. No matter what. No excuses. Lets just get up and go first thing in the morning so we can spend the rest of the day laying around. Mkay? :) 

Alright. Thats about it. Have a great weekend you lil nug munchers!

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