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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Good Weekend

Now thats what a weekend should be. I got off early on Friday and took a nap until my dr's appt. I went ahead and set up an appt with my pcp for my sleepiness. I just wanna say Dr Yee w/ Family Medicine for Kelsey Seybold is really a great doctor. I am technically (if you believe the terms) morbidly obese (and btw I hate saying that bc it sounds so ugly but drs use it soooo....) BUT he doesnt make my weight all my problems. Yes, he believes weight can contribute to things, but he said 3 things that made me so happy/good to hear from a dr. 1-People dont choose to be overweight 2-Drs are mean to overweight patients 3-Genetics + bad choices are the reason, not just lazyness and poor diet.
Halle-freaking-lujah! So he referred me to a pulmonologist for a sleep study.
Anyways, so Saturday I cleaned and slept. I would clean a little then fall asleep. Clean and sleep. But I had to get the house ready for Barbara. Later that night we threw all our pillows, which we have 12 of, on the floor in the living room and got cozy, watched a movie. Its was cute. I should have taken a pic. Sunday morning, Jon went to the grocery store while I finished up the kitchen. He grilled steaks and pork chops, plus we had beans, mac&cheese and steam veggies. It was a nice Sunday.
Yesterday he had to work and I had to work in the evening so I spent my day playing Sims. We now have a toddler son named Dodge, a baby on the way and our daughter is a teenager. lol And we are fixing to age up to elders in 8-9 sim days. Its getting very hectic w/ all the people to control/manage in the house AND the house is getting kinda small. I dont wanna move us but I might after this baby. There is a possibility that this pregnancy could produce multiples.
After work Jon surprised me when I got home w/ a nice little treat. We enjoyed some us time before finally heading to bed around 10:30. And I actually slept thru the night....BUT I woke up 15 mins before my first alarm and couldnt fall back asleep.
And now, here I am at work again. Starting another week...
Is it Friday yet?

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