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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Good Night *winky face*

Well, my Tuesday was pretty good, what about yours?
Work was pretty steady until the 2nd half. Then they started undertime, but I made a promise to Jon that I would stay all week. Typically I leave 2-3 times a week about 1 or 2 hours early. But we need to build back the "buffer" we spent thru and until we do, Jon is stressed. Technically, we pay our bills early/on time, have enough left over for gas and groceries, and still have $$ to spend. Just no emergency $$ and thats no good. So anyway, I stayed. Since it was slow I tried to find things to occupy my time, when I remembered we finally charged up the Kindle and I brought it to work. I started reading the last book of 50 Shades of Gray again. I had started and finished the first 2 like months ago. Its a good book and it reminds me of Jon and I. And not the parts that I am sure you have HEARD about the book. He is a younger but hard working successful man, who is reserved and an introvert and very protective over the ones he loves. Hmm sounds a lot like Jon. Except Gray is a multi millionaire. Dang it!! lol :) Anyway, good book.
After suffering thru a full 8 hours (lol) I headed home to meet the electrician. But first I got to sit in traffic forever. Finally made it home and I changed into semi-comfy clothes. Since the guy was coming I couldnt get as comfy as I wanted. In other words, my bra was still on. When I talked to him at lunch he said he would call around 3. At 4 I called him. By 5 I figured he wasnt coming. I decide to free my "people" and not 1 min later he called saying he was on his way. Damn it!! lol But he came and he got my garage doors electricity. Woohoo! Its not done but it works. Yay. I am so happy. Like 2 things I wanted on my "dream house" list were garden tub - check and park in the garage (w/ automatic openers) - check! Oh happy days.
So even tho my day wasnt perfect it ended well, and I am happy :) I am ready for the weekend.

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