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Thursday, May 9, 2013

I Hate Traffic.

Jon is sick again. This time w/ a sore throat and fever. My poor baby :( He has been sick so much it seems like. He blames me! He says I bring the germs to him. Hmmm idk about that. I felt bad for him last night tho, I woke up around 12:45 w/ heartburn and he was practically on top of me. When I came back to bed I didnt want to wake him up, so I laid on my side and slid my arm under his head. He was sweating like crazy. But that means his fever broke. Probably from the ibuprofen.
This Saturday the grocery store chain we shop at is having a grand re-opening at one of the store close by. And they are having a crazy sale. I plan on going. Just for example they have Blue Bell ice cream 1/2 gallon for $1.99!! Thats normally $6-7 bucks. Holy crap. I probably wont buy any ice cream but that is just to show the deals.
The traffic this week has been insane. I was almost 20 mins later then normal yesterday. Thats crazy. I cant take it. I dont know if its bc I am staying till 2 or if its the conference going on at Reliant. Either way it sucks big fat monkey testicles.
Anyway, its busy early. Better wrap it up.

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