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Friday, May 17, 2013

Birchbox Reveal May 2013

Yay! Its here. My Birchbox.
Do you get one? Do you know what it is? I never see any bloggers for the Birchbox. I have seen other bloggers blogging about other monthly beauty boxes.
Anyway so yes, it is a monthly beauty box sampler. I have been subscribed for, hmmm... about 11 months, i think. It cost $10 a month (less if you pay in 3/6/12 month plans) and you do a short survey on skin type, hair type, etc. Then once a month you receive an awesome box in your mailbox like this:

Once you open the outer pink box you see the cardboard box:
This one actually contains the goodies. I love getting this box every month. I have had some pretty neat things  inside. So open up the lid:
And the first thing you see is a little postcard sized message from the staff of Birchbox. Its usually about the theme of the box and what you will find under that pink paper.

 Under the pink paper I see a smaller box, which is common, usually has some interesting things inside, a pen, a small tin and a hair product sample. Lets investigate further:
 The May 2013 Birchbox contains:
1 Acroball Purewhite hybrid ink pen by Pilot
Marvis Toothpaste - Travel Size (in the green tube)
Miss Jessie's® Original Jelly Soft Curls (pink and white in top left of pic)
And here is the shade of blush they sent. Its called Bali. Look at my chubby hand and fingers, lol.

Overall this was a decent box. I am most excited about the pen and toothpaste. I will def use the hair gel and sunscreen. The blush...maybe. I am not a real big makeup girl. And even when I do wear it I dont use blush or eyeliner.
Anyway, cant wait till next months box :)

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