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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Today marks the 9 month anniversary of me and Jon's 1st date. It feels like its still brand new and like we've been together forever at the same time. I will always remember that day. The way I felt, the nerves. Oh goodness.

The 2 pics above are from getting ready that day. Aug 29. The mirror pic was trying to decide on jeans or slacks. And the one to the right is when I was at Gringos waiting for him to get there.
So lets recap the day shall we.
He asked me to dinner and we planned for Weds night at Gringos at 7:30(? or was it 8? I'm thinking it was 8). Anyway, so that day Krystal invited me over to swim and at first I was hesitant bc I didnt wanna be all sleepy, but she convinced me. We went swimming in her apt pool and I just didnt wanna get sunburnt. The 2 of us talked about Jon and the date, my expectations, what to wear, etc. We swam for awhile and I left her house w/ a few hours to get ready. PS I was sunburnt.
I got home and started getting ready. I remember being nervous but not overly first. I was ready early and left early. I wasnt sure how long it would take me to get there. Well, it ended up being a pretty quick drive. So I text my mom and Krystal while I waited. The anticipation was killing me. He finally texted that he was there so I got outta my car and waited. I think that moment was the worst as far as nerves went. Watching him walking up to me must have been worse for him tho. lol
Dinner was nice and the conversation went relatively well considering it was a 1st date. Afterwards he walked me to my car and I remember freaking out on the inside wondering if he was gonna kiss me or not.
He didn't.
As soon as I got in my car I started texting everyone and facebooking too. A good date needed to be shared. I was glad to have had the first one outta the way and was eager to talk to Jon and see what he thought. And of course he thought I was the bee's knee's, lol.
The rest is history.

I love him so much and I am so glad we both took a chance on online dating. Its not the glamorous love story but I feel like anytime 2 people in a city as big as Houston w/ no ties thru work/family/friends/etc meet and just hit it off so well, are so blessed. It makes it seem like someone had a hand in it. How ever it happened, I'm just glad hes all mine. I struggled as a single woman. I wanted so badly to be respected, loved and treated how I felt like I deserved to be treated and Jon has done that and much more from day one. His charm and old fashioned ways swept me off my feet. 

Thank you Jon for being a real man. (Or maybe I should thank your parents.) And for loving me. For wanting to be better for me. For wanting to do and give me so much. Happy Anniversary. I love you!!

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