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Thursday, May 23, 2013

I didn't Choose the Simlife, the Simlife Chose me.

Man, I passed out last night on the couch w/ Jon. I barely remember going to bed. I am always sleepy but I was even more so last night. Fell asleep around 8:30, he woke me up around 9:15 to go to bed. And I was pretty much out again once I was in bed. And I finally slept thru the night. Now just have to go to bed at 8:30ish every night, lol. Yeah right.
So, as I mentioned before I bought Sims 3 and Jon and I both play. Well last week I made a Jon and Rhianna sims, and I built and decorated our house just like it is in real life. I even made our sims chubby, lol. We have been playing our sims a little and yesterday I played for awhile when this happened:

LOL They did start off as bf/gf living together, but she was getting hit on and it was pissing off Sim Jon, lol. And sometimes they wouldn't sleep in the same bed and stuff. So I let them get engaged and once they are engaged they wanna get married so I went ahead and did that too. It progresses like real life so once they were married he wanted to try and have a baby. They woohoo-ed and got pregnant the first try with a baby girl.
 Heres Jon after Rhianna announced pregnancy. Hes feeling her belly. lol So cute!! I love it!! The baby actually even came out cute, cause sometimes they aren't. You dont get to have any control over the babies looks like you do designing at the beginning of the game. We named her Rylynn Grace. Which is a name I want for a girl in real life, lol.

Anyway yeah, I like playing. Nothing else really interesting happening. Obviously bc I am blogging about my sim life.
Have a good Thursday.

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