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Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday, Monday

Gosh. Its Monday already. Blah. What a bummer.
Friday night Jon came home in a funky mood. He was feeling stressed about $$. Of course, whats new. But he was feeling like he cant give me or do all the things he wants for me. Like let me quit my job (since I havent been happy lately/also btw this isnt something I am asking or expecting of him). All of this is stemming from the fact that we aren't saving money. When he was single he had $$ in savings and always have lots of $$ left after paying bills. Now his savings was wiped out and that "buffer" of extra $ is gone too bc of the issues w/ Danny and Donna. So when we started out alone and in the new house we didn't have anything extra. We have only been in that house for 3 months. It doesnt just get perfect overnight, and we are just starting out. We are better off then like anyone I know who is just starting out couple wise. (single is a diff ballgame) He expect 2 incomes to mean more money. 2 incomes mean more expenses. We pay our bills on time. We have money to put gas in our vehicles, food in the fridge and a little left over. We cant fix the savings over night but we can slowly build it back up. Over the next few months to a year we will have expenses that end so that will add to our left over $$ and can put more into savings.
Saturday I did nothing. I tried to catch up on my dvr and ended up crashing over and over. I couldnt stay awake for nothing. Finally I took a bath around 5 and got ready. Jon and I had a much needed date night. We just needed to get out of the house. I wanted to go to the beach but Jon was too tired. So we went to our little Mexican hole in the wall place and had a few drinks and dinner. It was nice and Jon was a little intoxicated. lol
Sunday morning we got up and went grocery shopping first thing. It was nice to get that outta the way early. We got a ton of groceries and restocked up for lunches too. We did spend the most we have spent so far. But if we stay on it and go every week it wont be so bad. After grocery shopping we cleaned the kitchen, did laundry and then Jon cooked for me. For the first time!! He grilled steaks, and we had beans and mac&cheese too. It was yummy. He'll have to cook more now.
Nothing else too exciting happened. And now its Monday. Blah.
Better get to work. Its getting busy.
Happy Monday, y'all!

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