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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Flip Flop

I think of a million different things to talk about when I get here in the mornings but once I sit here w/ the cursor flashing I draw a blank. Its like I am going thru a writers block. Over a blog. Dumb. Anyway lemme just try and get thru this today.
I've just been in so much pain off and on from my toothache that my brain isnt really there. Plus for some reason I have been feeling really emotional. I dont know if its just like...hormones or if its something I need to get help for. I dont wanna be on drugs but maybe just need to see someone neutral I can talk to to get things off my chest. Jon is a great listener but he feels like everything needs to be fixed. Sometimes I just need to talk.
After work I went to the shop to have my oil changed. Hung out there for awhile until Jon released me, lol. But by the time I was leaving my my tooth was hurting pretty bad and so was my stomach bc I took some damn ibuprofen like my dentist so wisely prescribed me. I wanted to play Sims but that wasnt gonna happen. I got home, took a tramadol and then passed out. I ended up sleeping till 6:30. Got up, did some laundry and took a bath until Jon got home. Finally had some good quality time w/ my love.
Its so weird how it felt like we had more time when I worked nights. Now days go by and I feel like we barely see each other long enough to eat and go to bed. I miss my snuggle butt. And whats worse is the longer time goes by w/ us in passing we get lazy and just kinda go w/ it, and before we know it we realize we havent made time for each other. Lame.
Anyway, after work I am headed to Clear Lake so while I'm out there I'm gonna hang w/ my BFF. Yay. Ok Well I actually managed to get a semi decent post out.

Oh and look at my little "plant" I got for my desk at work, hes so cute and its solar powered. The "leaves" bounce up and down.

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