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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ugh Lets Just Forget Yesterday

What a long stressful evening I had.
Literally 5 mins before I got off work Jon texted me about a work issue and that he was going home. I knew it was bad when he was going home. The day had already been dragging on and on and that didnt help at all. Those last 5 mins were the longest of my life. I just wanted to get out of here and get home. When I finally made it home I just tried to keep Jon calm and from stressing out as much as possible. Of course thats a hard job. The circumstances surrounding everything was the worst part and Jon was so mad.
But by the end of the night everything had been worked out and was fine and back to normal.

So that pretty much took up the whole night.
I did make a new recipe, but I didnt take any pics except the ingredients.

I made Chicken Lasagna. It was pretty yummy. Except... Sigh...except the condensed milk and ranch wanted to seperate/curled. I still used it and it was fine but I didnt like the way it looked. Cooking w/ an electric stove made it so hard to bring the mixture to a simmer but w/o boiling it. Darn near impossible.
Anyway, I think we will just have this for dinner tonight since we didnt have much of an appetite last night. But I need to go. Happy hump day y'all!

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