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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cross Wall

Look at my pretty cross. Jon got that for me for our anniversary. We are gonna do a cross wall and this is perfect to start it off.
So, I am annoyed bc I was planning on doing something small for Jon yesterday. I wanted to get him a gift and make a dessert for us, but while I was at work the garage fixing guy called and said he could come. Fine. I told him give me until 3:15 and I'll be able swing by the store to get what I need. Well...that didnt work out like I'd like. Basically there was bumper to bumper traffic 1/2 home, I have such horrible road rage, this is not good for me. So no time to go to the store. 
Just overall I was pretty grumpy and in a funky mood, until Jon got home, where I vented to him and got it off my chest. I am feeling pretty disgruntled at work and I had someone call me out on it. Then my surprise was cancelled, I had to sit around for the garage guy. And Chance was being a butthole.
Once my love got home, we had dinner and I relaxed. We watched some tv and then headed to bed. So my day ended well. All I really needed was to be in his arms. Makes me happy.
Guess thats about it for now. 2 post in one day. Fancy :)

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