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Thursday, May 30, 2013


You know what really bugs me? What really grinds my gears? lol Men (and women I guess) who just completely disrespect another persons relationship. Such selfishness. This is gonna piss Jon off, sorry babe, but I usually handle these issues myself and dont talk about it. Not bc I have something to hide but bc there isnt any threat to Jon. Anyway since I have "only" been off the market for 9 months, I still occasionally receive messages, usually emails, from guys. These men claim to be friends, usually someone who I maybe starting talking to when I was single but nothing came from it. They'll message me and ask how I'm doing? Am I enjoying my house? Hows work? etc. Then after some back and forth the topic seems to switch. All of a sudden its slightly more personal. Maybe we should have coffee? Umm yeah I dont think going to meet you would be a good idea. The conversation topic may shift again back to a safer place for awhile and then starts the real crap. Basically trying to convince me that I need to share....myself...with them. I dont get rude w/ them but I just let them know I am happy where I am. I dont need to cheat. This goes back and forth for awhile, until they finally relent and retreat. Until next time when it happens all over again.
I guess I'm naive bc they do the friendly stuff first so I engage them, instead of just ignoring them. And then when they cross the line I dont cuss their ass out like I should. Idk I guess its my fault for not stopping it all together. I need to work on that...

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