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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Moore, Ok

I didn't blog this morning at first because I was just so overwhelmed after looking at the pics from the tornado's in OK. Have you seen these? I don't watch much news, I mostly listen to updates on the radio, see headlines online, so at first I hadn't seen the devastation. But this morning I needed to look.

I couldnt stop the tears. I'm not sure why one thing effects me so strongly and the next not so much but this was just wow. Seeing the faces of young kids and imagining how they must feel. The pics that capture the relief on the faces of parents as they run to their child. Aerial photos of neighborhoods leveled. Where there once was houses and people and their lives, now just debris.

Where do you begin? The clean up seems endless, impossible. What a hopeless feeling. The media will spotlight it for awhile but then move on. And they will be left alone to finish piecing back their lifes.

My heart goes out to the everyone affected. The families of families. The parents who lost children, the children who lost parents. Lovers lost. Sisters and brothers. Grandparents and cousins. Friends and coworkers. Neighbors. And of course the pets. The poor animals. Cats and horses. Dogs and hamsters. It just impacts so much. I think I would want to just break down, or leave. Start over somewhere else. But communities always pull together and with the help of volunteers rebuild.

Keep praying for them. The victims, the responders and the volunteers.
For strength. For encouragement. For healing.

If you are looking to contribute and want to be sure 100% of your funds go to the right place I highly recommend checking out UMCOR.

Your support is needed. 100% of your donation will go to those affected by devastating tornadoes. You can also make an immediate $10 donation, text the word RESPONSE to 80888. 

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