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Friday, May 3, 2013

Ideas, Lots of Ideas

OMG yaaaaay its Friday! Not like I am doing anything exciting. Chance needs to be groomed and I need to clean. Thats about it. All my friends at work watch some show and they talk about it allllll the timmmmme so they want me to watch it on On Demand if available. So I might do that...we'll see.

The a/c lady came out yesterday. After checking everything she said it was the thermostat. So she put a new fancy one. Its digital and comes pre-programmed for optimum energy saving. Thats awesome. Of course the cold front came thru and we didnt even need the a/c.

I've been thinking of ideas for something sweet for me and Jons 1 year. I know its still 4 months away (omg only 4 months away!!) but I wanna make something homemade as something small but meaningful. Sorry readers, I wont be able to tell ya what it is since he reads my bloggy blog, LOL.

Hmmm, I think thats all for now. Pretty boring post, but I kept getting interrupted.
Have a good weekend.

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